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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  CW  November 27, 2010 12:30am-1:00am EST

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yes. now grab my banana. oh, it's huge. all right, you perverts! stop it right now! another fruit salad? why can't they ever be having sex? captioning provided by carsey-werner-mandabach llc captioned by closed captioning services, inc. and here is karen parks with the "late edition." >> the president gets stitches. whose elbow gave him a bloody lip? >> a report card on "black friday." the sign that business mayybe@ %> a miracle at sea.
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how three teens were able to survive 50 days adrift. >> and the best ping-pong playerssin the world come to baltimore. the big uck they are fighting@ for. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 nnws "lateeedition".@ >> welcome back o the "late edition." i am karen parks. jeff barnd is off tonight. a baltimore man is accused of stabbing his brother to death n thanksgiving. tonight he is locked up, facing murder charres. keith daniels in northwest baltimore, where theefatal attack surrrised neighbors. >> well, we are at bellevue avenue near navarro avenue. neighbors call it a quiet place to live. peaceful block. but that peace was diiturbed on thanksgiving day. now police have arrested 68-year-old harry patterson jr. @% is accused of illing his younger brothhr, 51-year-old robin patterson. someone called police to 4416
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bellevue avenue just before 7:00 last night. investigators say patterson stabbed is brother three times. iicluding once in the back. the detectives say it happened argument between the older day brother and brothhr's wife. it is a deadlyysituation that has caught neighbors by surprise. >> his heart -- hard to believe that two brothers would fight like that. that's about aal i can say.3 i just say -- i feel sorry for the family. i give my condoleeces to the family. >> patterson addits to killing his brother. according to charging documentt, he told police he went to the kitchen, retrieved a knife, and then sttbbed robin patterson. tonight, harry patterson is locked up at central booking. we're ii northwest baltimore. keith daniels, fox 45 news "late edition." >> all right. thank you, keith. >> it has been five years since the kidnapping and murder of 29-yyar-old jeryl king geltary.@ the family and police are still3
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looking for his killer. singleterry's family paid tens of thousands of dollars to the kidnappers holding him captive. led to believe his life would be spared o novemmer 23, 2005 singleterry's body found inside of his minivan parked along a dead-end street in rosedale. shot three times. maria mathews said that every day since her son's death has been a struggle. >> your son being kidnapped ann nothing that you can do? you can't -- don't know where he is at. to. don't know where to look for him. that's a tragedy. hurrful. painnul feeling that you carry within yourself. >> if you have any information regarding the murder of single takes you are asked o call metro crime stoppers at 1-866-7-lockup. there is a $2000 reward for credible tips. >> a man is in custody in montgomery county afttr a chase and shoot-oot with police.
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it started whether police tried to pull over a speeding car in tacoma park yesttrday. car led police on a chase until it crashed into a pole. then, the driver took off on foot and ranninto a nearby apartment building. he connects changed gun fire with policeeand pulled an elderly man into a shootout with cops. >> an adult male resident was coming out. grabbed by the suspect. and held as a shield as a hostage. the officer gave verbal commmnds to release the hostage, the suspect complied. >> the suspect is facing several charges and including attempted murder of a police officer. the officer involved is now on routine administrative leave. has bbgun. "black friday" shoppers up and running bbighh and early. this is towson towwe center at 11:00 this morning. senior general manager of towson towne center said this year is definitely out performing last year.
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we have seen bigger crowds than we have seen in years. this early in the morning. the mall was packed. most of the parking garages were full. >> "black friday" actually started on thanksgiving thursday. the toys 'r us ii rooedale opened two hours before "black friday." @%d a big crowd gathered for the untraditional opening. >> and that brings us to the question of the day. do you plan to spend mmre on holiday shopping this year? so far 6% say yes. while 84% say no. tracy writes on faccbook. the people thht say they will spend more will probably end up spending their bill money. and heather writes. no extra monee here. but my kids will have a good christmas regardless. stop complaining and find deals. >> it was a bad day for the president, at least, on the basketball court. this is obama leaving the court.
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taken back to the white house to -et stitches. a worker for the congressional hispanic caucus accidentally elbowed the prrsident in the face. it took 12 stitches to close the wound on his lip.3 >> it sure was a bad day foo this driver. this suv jumped a curb, hitt tree and slam into the this building. it happened to be an insurance3 offfce. the office was closed so no one was hurt there. the driver was not hurt either. -oing to happen to her ates. at this target in buffalo new york. seconds after the doors opened. people rushed in to get the best deals. some of the shoppers even got stuck in the doorway. thankfully no one was seeiously hurt. >> all of that commotion may @%ke "black friday" very good for retailers.
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macy's flagship ssore in new york city had 000 people waiting outside this morning. last year, there were 5000 people in line. forecasters were predicting about a 2% increase in sales be a bigger bump. >> fight back and help to clean up the streets of baltimore. we're teaming up with the baltimore city police tracking down suspects in our fugitive files. joy lepola is standing by with more on tonight's suspects. big bust. hotline four is 410637 call would be confidential. looo closely.@ we have 32-year-old nikia avona grays. wanted for murder.@ 5'5 and weighs 188.@ then we have tyrell ennells. wanted for armed carjacking.
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he is 5'8 and weighs 138 pounds. @%nally there is christopher hicks.@ wanted on assault and robbery charges. hick social security 5'9 and weighs 160 pounds. %-these suspects, or theirn on whereebouts, please pick up the phone and call our hotline. 410-637-8970. %-fugitives by going toe joy lepola, foxx45 news "late >> a cold day for "black friday" shopping. meteorologist emily gracey is joining us now, will we get a good deal? get it? on the weather tomorrow. >> i get it karen. looking. for if you want lear skies we will see that. but cold temperatures too. chilly out there. we are starting to see some of ttose cold temperatures on the map. in fact, bigger map shows us back west there is a lot of cold air working the way down to maryland. and it is all behind thht cold
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front that brought us the showers this morning. look at some of those cold, cold temperatures ack in the midwest. upper 20s and low 30s already. droo into the low 30s tonighh for those overnight lows. and we are not going to warm up a lot tomorrow. in fact, next couple of days are cool. but rain in the extended foreccst. i will tell you when it arrives comiig up in a few. >> new study shows the way you %-and women seem more attractiv. researchers in australia found that women are seen as more @%tractive if they tilt their3 faces forward. men if they tilt their heads bbck. scientists say it may have something to do with the and women. and want to figure out what it means for relationships now. >> you need to know that the black eyepys will be the featured half time performers at the supprbowl this year. joinnu2, and prince. -ou can watch it superbowl @%nday february 6.
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right here on fox 45. >> and if the ravens are going to make it to the superbowl, they will have to makk it through tampa bay this wwekend. see the ravens takeeoo the buccaneers at 4:15 sunday. right here on fox 45.., >> next on the "late edition." @%nsions beeween north korea, south korea and the u.s. should we continue the military exercises nearby? >> the reason you want to double >> the reason you want to double chec w w w w w ♪ and i'm hungry like the wolf ♪
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>> maryland could lose millions in federal projects in a proposed ban on ear mark social security approved. house republicans have called for an end to the practice.@ and the presideet supports it. earmarking allows lawmakers too3 steer federal money to projects in their own state. in a telephone interview today. rup% burger predicted it would ccst maryland millions..3 >> there are a lot of rojects that my district, we would not be having money for roads and infrastructure.3 @%ansportation. things that we need every day that affects my constituents in >> the ban would dirrctly affect the replenishment of beaches and other environmental and public safety projects.
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>> the situation with north @%rea shows no signs of cooling down. north korea accuses the u.s. and south korea of pushing the region to the brink of war, with their military exercises set to begin this weekend. but the north was firing artillery again days after the3 deadly attack on the south. experts say canceling the plan exercises between the u.s. and south korea is a bad idea. >> you have to show you are tough. not give unilateral concessions to north koreans. but look, the honest reality is3 north korea does not want to start world war 3 and neither do >> since no president has found it possible to negotiate with kim jong-ii or his father before him. few think it would be bobble his son the successor. miracle. out of figi is a three teenage boys went missing for 50 days at sea. officials say the boys managed to survive off coconuts and
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rainwater. when rescuers found them. the boys were sun burned and dehyddateed and otherwise okay. theefirst request was a trip to mcdonald's. >> vermont man believed to be friend dead in bed. with a .22 caliber rifle. 23-year-old nikolaus bell wanted to wake up 23 gerald jeffrey but killed him instead. common sense should have told him to see if the gun was loaded. when he did not notice the orange tip found oo some fake guns. bell is currently held on $250,000 bail. >> get this. james west who lives in %-group e-mails from a family in florida for three years. but they were intended for a james west from the u.s. west realized he was not the one after receiving photos from the @%mily. earlier this week he decided to
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confess n "youtube" he was not the james west the family was looking for. hoping they would still invite him to thanksgiving dinner. well hey invited him and afterwards said that he felt like part of the family. common sense should have told the trans to ask james west for a photo in rrturn. >> this onn just defies common sense. - woman ii spain said that she angelia seran claims it in september after reading about an aaerican man that registered himself as the owner of the moon and most of the planet. and international agreement sai@ that no country can own a plane3 or star, but it doesn't say anything about people. she wants to tax everyone that uses the sun, and give half the money to the government of spain, to support -- to help@ solve the udget problems. so is she also liable for those that get sun burned? >> well will it be sunny
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tomorrow? meteorologiit emily gracey is back with the sky watch forecast. hi emily. >> hi karen. we have a bit f rain still showing up on the doppler radar. and moving ouu. and behind it clear conditions. strong cold front passed through %-and chilly temperaturesare coming from that tonight. and so cold,,in fact, that even upstate new york.snow, up to and see clear skies here and but no snow in the forecast in the immediate ffture. all right. so mild start to the morning. and then as the day went o we cooled off quittea bit. in fact, now sitting down to the 30s for those current temperatures. 38 in baltimore. 35 in hagerstown. looking back to the west..3 a lot of cold air starting to surge in to western maryllnd. 23 degrees right now in oakland. and while we will not get the cold tonight. many spots in the 20s. so it will be cold out there. and windy as well. making it feel cooler than those upper 20s. so what we have here is high
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pressure workinggthe way closer to aryland. ahead of that, strong wind gusts. so strong northwest winds will shift to the westover the next couple oo days. but they will be strong for tomorrow. keeping our temperatures cool. and so while we will be in the mid to upper 40s it ill feel cooler than that with strong wind gusts. at the end of the weekend. watch the high pressure to move on top of us. keep us ore mild. %-tuesdayye 50s by monday and and then we are also watching -his low pressure system that will be forming out o the west. that comes in to playyon tuesday evening. and bring us showers into the day on wednesday. for tonight though. clear and cool. 30 degrees for the overnight low. and gusty winds. out of the west at 10 to 20. could gust higher than that. and we hold onto the breeze for tomorrow. a high of onny 45 degrees. the breeze will calm down sunday. -ut the colddtemperatures will stay. if you are headed out to the game and bundle uu. plenty of sunshine.3 43 for the kickoff forecast.
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and winds out of the west at five to 10 miles ppr hour. iiwill have a look at the seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. karen? >> the quarterbacks ravens face %-another passer.inn you of how josh freeman is like ben roethlisberger next in sports. %->> cats need thanksgiving too.
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get this. 280 cats given a special thanksgiving meal. cleveland.cue shelter near cats devoured three, 20-pound turkeys. the shelter serves elderly and special needs cats.@ >> and get this. 900 of the best table tennis players in the world are right here in baltimore. competing in the north american teens table tennis championship. they are chasing a total of $20,000 in prize money. youngest player is just seven yearr old. from new jersey. the oldest player is 77 years
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old. >> you kkow, ven though both teams have identical records oddsmakers installed the ravens as about a touchdown favoriie sunday. but the tampa bay buck are a @%arts withstand out quarterback josh freeman. he is 22. but he has been playing like a grizzled veteran. already voted captain by the teammates. he took controllof the huddle and offense. and has the bucs hitting on all %-13 enfor 2000 yards and 14 touchdowns ttis season. and his developmenn and game aatention of the ravens' defense and they are making comparisons to ben roethlisberger. >> big guy, and feel like break the crockket to make the plays. keep the play keep going. so definitely some similarities.
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but difference between him and ben is ben ets a rrng. he is a young uy though. so, you know, plays good. >> he is making more plays with his legs than people think he does. but at the same time, because of their youth they are keeping him, offense is kind of centered around him. so he takes pride in, you knoww checking the ball down to running backs and not getting in trouble. try to stay oot of second and 3 and lonns. he does a good job of maaaging games. >> and here is a reminder. buccaneers at 4:15 sunday. both eams are 7-- with playoff implications on the line. bucks and ravens, sunday only here on frocks knife. >> and collegeehoops, and gary's gang back in action tonight after snapping a two-game losing streak against delaware state tuesday. comcast center court hosttngg3 elon out of theesouthern conferrnce. first half. ppoenix up by eight.
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that three puts elon on top by 11. @% hadd23 points off the bench. and then later in the first. terps are coming back. terrell stowing land knocks down three of his own. maryland cuts the lead to four. but the phoenix as they are called, respond. dugas hits three from the top of the key. 34-31 at thh break. half. in transition, they get it to mosley. he flies in for the one hhnded throw down. ten points, st. francis graduate. later, maryland up five. williams goes in for the rim rocker. 24 points. sophomore. terps up seven. then buoy goes coast to coast for the layup and the oul. terps up 11 after the free throw and cruise in the secood hall to win, 76-57. maryland nnw 5-2 on the year. >> maryland plays penn state in the acccbig 10 challenge on wednesday night. [ older brother ] hey, that's the last crescent.
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>> here is meteorologist emily gracey with the seven day sky watch forecast. eeily. >> karen, cold weekenn in store for us. cold and windy for tomorrow. 45 degrees. and then 44 for sunday. and winds calm down for the game on sunday afternoon. getting back to the mild temperatures for the start of the work week. chance of rain comes in tuesday evening..3
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after that cold front passes we will have dry conditions, but week.again thursday toward next karen? >> thank you emily. that's all for the "late edition." thank you for joining us. i am karen parks. up next is how i met your mother. see ou tomorrow night. real time closed captioning prrvided by u.s. captioning ú? míx
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